• Eygló Karlsdóttir

THE FORGOTTEN ONE (a poem and a reminder)


The white sands seem to go on forever,

still I walk.

It’s not snow but salt,

as far as the eye can see.

There was a river here once upon a time

where you used to lean down to drink,

water pearls on your lips.

I remember when you were still a stranger,

curiosity and kindness in your eyes,

the beach was black back then,

the breeze so pleasant.

I hunger for you.

Feverish chill in my bones,

walking towards my ever changing goal,

oh so slowly.

I’ll give you my morning,

my afternoon and night,

until forever takes flight.

A crow and a seagull,

you and me side by side

picking at the scabs,

flying wing-to-wing.

I hear you,

even when you don’t speak.

I see you,

even when you hide.

I am the silent one,

the roaring one,

the listless,

the yearning,

the unsubstantiated,

the weak,

the invisible.

I am the forgotten one,

walking the salty desert

and it might take forever

but I never tire.

I am Merope

and you my Sisyphus,

ever so far away

pushing your boulder.

©2017 Eygló

I want to remind you that you can now reach the kindle version of issue 01 THE CHESTNUT here (US) and here (UK). The iBooks version you can get for free here.


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