These stories are in a .mobi format and can be downloaded and read on your device free of charge.

The Story Of Aya and The Unicorn

A charming little fantasy about a Aya who has a secret and her dealings with a beast. I've been asked to clarify that this is NOT a fairytale. #Fantasy

The loss of a co-worker becomes complicated by love and regulations. #scifi

A sci-fi short story. #Scifi

The story about a journey through the dark desert sands of Iceland. What do those lights up ahead belong to? #horror


A story about a man who wakes up in a strange room beside something grotesque and he doesn't quite remember how he got there. #horror

The Contingency of Odd Things

A short story about salvation. A group of beings who call themselves Kobold go on a mission to save the world. #WeirdFiction
About 3000 words.

The Most Boring Day of the 20th Century

An old man tells a story of a fateful afternoon in his life. About 2600 words. #noir

Our Fearless Lives

A story about a mysterious cave were you can get answers to real questions, but when things go wrong there, they go really wrong. About 9300 words. #Horror #Relationships 

The Joshua Tree

A post-apocalyptic story about hope and survival, set in Europe. About 4500 words. #postApocalypse  

Pan's War

A story about a creature living in a forest outside of society. A story of change and love. #About 7000 words. #WeirdFiction #Supernatural 
Cover image by Michael Marshall Smith

It happened in the Winter Darkness

A haunted house story about a teacher in crisis. About 6400 words. #GhostStory #HauntedHouse #horror

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