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What's on the Horizon?

Grinding the day away is the only thing to push through and so I've tried to keep myself busy. And so there are a few things to talk about.

THE OMEGA MAN novella project, that now has the title IN HIS MIND, HER SHADOW is in the making. The reason it's delayed is mainly I'm taking some extra time with it since I feel I can do that. Initially I wanted it to be finished before StokerCon which now won't be held till August so I have a little time to tweak it. The proofs I ordered the other day were quite nice, but there are still some things to be fixed - even on the cover. It's my first "major" cover and I'm afraid I dropped the ball on it a little and will have to fix that. I am also working on some additional edits on the text. But the book should be out long before August. I'm setting my goal on mid June.

Patreons can now access the new CHESTNUT on my patreon account. The story is called THE HOUSE OF THE FALLEN ONE and is a weird, subtle horror, love story (there's a mouthful!). There you can also find a link to a video where I read the story myself (gasp), if that's your thing.

I am also working on getting print copies of THINGS THE DEVIL WOULDN'T DREAM OF and other stories up on Amazon. I will probably not make the book available until I've seen the proof copies myself (images are complicated) and I don't know how the prizing is going to be on that one, but I'm excited to finally get that in print too.

I am planing on a CHESTNUT collection/anthology, but haven't actually started working on it. I'm sure once I do I'll realise just how much editing is involved, but it's on the horizon.

I am also planing on rebooting my Twitch stream properly. This will be second (actually third) priority, but we're going to get back to it. I spent my Sunday afternoon trying to get my microphone to work, but apparently that has died a sad death so I'm ordering a new one. There is still the camera microphone that I have been using, and so I just need to hook everything up the way I want it and plan on a game. I don't want to name a date where I start. This might be tonight, or it might be a week from now. It all depends on energy and mood. Finding things to say in the midst of a pandemic where you mostly talk to the dog, and the ten year old (every other week) is actually hard. Soon I'll have forgotten how to have an adult conversation. But we'll get through that too.

I hope you are all well out there and staying safe!



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