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6 Ways For Beginners And Anxious Gamers To Tackle Elden Ring

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the difficulty of Elden Ring and while it’s not a game that allows you to just waltz through it spamming one button there is a way to get rid of that IT’S TOO HARD feeling.

Here are 6 tips on how to do just that.

1. Remember Death Doesn’t Spell Disaster

Gamers who have been at it a while have been taught to fear the GAME OVER screen and From Software’s YOU DIED seems to be just that. But taking a moment to readjust the mindset regarding the feared red letters is a good place to start. While death is a setback in any game, it’s very much a part of the From Software concept, so much so that dying is masterfully sown into the story and in every way a part of the game, but by no means an end. So, instead of looking at dying as defeat, the trick is to see it as a learning opportunity, and a great place to start.

2. RUN!

The Lands Between are a vast, a gorgeous place full of dangers that would, and should, terrify you. Exploring can be costly, and stressful, when suddenly a pack of wolves literally rains down and gobbles the player up, not to mention when a giant crab crawls out of the sand as you attempt to enjoy the view and the easy sea breeze. It can be a disheartening experience since the cost can be a massive amount of runes the player has yet to spend. So, at the first sign of trouble – RUN! It’s good to remember that unlike other Souls games, in Elden Ring there are always other places to explore, and you can outrun almost anything. So just RUN! Use the trusted steed and gallop away. Find a grace, spend your hard-earned runes and go back later and kick that crab’s … claws.


3. Find a Spot to Farm Runes

This is after all an RPG and the better you get, the easier the game gets. You will still have to learn how to fight the bosses, but there is no shame in leveling up and learning how to take advantage of everything. The most tranquil way to not worry about runes, and not worry about losing them when you die, is to farm. You find a site of grace that is close to an enemy that has a fair share of runes and you revel in the joy of seeing those runes fall into your lap. If you die, you’re close by and can easily run to grab the runes you lost and that way you can ignore the runes you lose when the game surprises you with a creature that one-shots you when you’re out exploring. Another upside from farming a specific enemy is that they often drop a thing they are wearing, so if you fancy an outfit some enemy is wearing? Farm them!


4. That New Item You Found? Get To Know It… Intimately!

One way in which Elden Ring is easier than the other Soulbourne games is the amount of things you can find that will help you progress. But since the game doesn’t exactly hold your hand, like so many games do today, (one wonders sometimes if games in the future will start to actually play themselves) it can be hard to keep track. Study the item. Read the item description (a lot of the story in From Software games is told through item description, so read it!) and if you still don’t know what to do? Test it out! Last resort, find out online. You’ve only streamed for five minutes before you realize that gamers are EAGER and more than willing to push their knowledge down your throat!


5. When Going Gets Tough – Get Going.

Usually, I’d tell you to stick to your guns. Don’t give up! And I am not saying you should. But if a boss or an area is giving you grief and you feel angry, anxious, or irritable about it, go do something else. There is so much to do, so much to explore and there is no need to get too aggravated, or anxious. Don’t be afraid to leave and come back later, once you’ve leveled up or found that awesome thing that will surely help.

6. Become a Zen Master

At the end of the day story progression is all about killing the bosses that are in your way. But let it take time. Go into the boss room fit for fight, do a few runs and if it starts to become annoying go away and come back later. Don’t let the fact that you’ll die with just a sliver left on the bosses healthbar get you aggravated. If you got that far you know the boss. You're there. It’s a learning curve. You’ll get there. Be Zen about it if you can. Do the fights when you feel your anxiety isn’t riding you. And if you find the game too hard? Go level up some more! It’ll get easier, I promise. I admit when I finally beat Margit the Fell Omen my heart was pumping fast, adrenaline rushing. But it was on my terms and it was so much fun! Beating bosses in From Software games is the most enjoyable gaming experience there is and this is coming from someone who used to shy away from “hard” games. Besides, this game is the easiest of the Souls games. You just have to get rid of that “one hitting bosses” attitude and learn how to utilize everything the game gives you.

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