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These are just a few of the great covers I'd like to show you. So, I might add pages later, trying to celebrate some of the great horror book covers that are out there. Keep sending me your favourite covers on twitter (@eyglo) and I'll make room for them

And let's face it - a good cover can make and break a book. We are not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but good cover art surely lifts up a good story, it tells you what it's all about and it will help sell a good book. 

What are your favourites? New? Old? Keep them coming! Show me!

          Horror Covers

I've always been fan of a good book cover and I feel horror book covers don't get enough love. So here's a bit of a dedication page. It's just a showcase of something I found today as I was looking, things I was pointed towards and some of my old all time favourites. Starting with the Richard Bachman / Stephen King double feature that's just stunning. 

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