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Project Shelf Story

As anyone who follows me on social media may have noticed I have started a new, somewhat unconventional, anthology project and am searching for the perfect stories for it. The idea came to me as I was listening to STAN by Eminem which includes the song THANK YOU by Dido. I started thinking what a musical "featuring" would look like in written text, or fiction, and came up with the idea of including short stories in a body of text that I would write. 

About The Project

So, we are making a monster! Hopefully a wonderful, delightfully unique, if somewhat strange, monster. I am ever so grateful for the writer's who already entrusted me with their stories and I must say I am humbled by the responsibility that it will be to write this story and am very much looking forward to it. 


I do however still need a few more stories so keep them coming. Tell your writer friends about this strange project and have them message me for more details. 


So far I have stories by these talented writers: 


Ashley Stokes

Dan Coxon

Penny Jones

Tim Major

Tiffani Angus

Matt Wildasin

Leonie M. Smith

Villimey Mist

James Everington

Rosanne Rabinowitz

Steve Toase


Michael Marshall Smith


I am looking for your SHELF stories. The story you LIKE but don't know what to do with. The story that never seems to fit anywhere. The story that seems out of place, the delightful misfit. If you have such a story, find me on social media and DM me for details and more information.

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