Here is a collection of stories, samples and snippets for reference. These are unpublished samples of my writing. The items under SAMPLES are all .pdf documents. The ones that look more like books are eBooks (.mobi files that can be opened with the Kindle app). 


White Branch


A weird fiction short story written for THE CHESTNUT . 

The Contingency of Odd Things (pdf)

White Branch


A Very short prose inspired by a photograph. 

Where Dreams Hide (pdf)

White Branch


A story loosely inspired by The Dancer in Dark Souls III. 

The Dancer (pdf)

The Story Of Aya and The Unicorn

A charming little fantasy about a Aya who has a secret and her dealings with a beast. I've been asked to clarify that this is NOT a fairytale. #Fantasy

The loss of a co-worker becomes complicated by love and regulations. #scifi

A sci-fi short story. #Scifi

The story about a journey through the dark desert sands of Iceland. What do those lights up ahead belong to? #horror


A story about a man who wakes up in a strange room beside something grotesque and he doesn't quite remember how he got there. #horror

The Contingency of Odd Things

A short story about salvation. A group of beings who call themselves Kobold go on a mission to save the world. #WeirdFiction
About 3000 words.

The Most Boring Day of the 20th Century

An old man tells a story of a fateful afternoon in his life. About 2600 words. #noir

Our Fearless Lives

A story about a mysterious cave were you can get answers to real questions, but when things go wrong there, they go really wrong. About 9300 words. #Horror #Relationships 

The Joshua Tree

A post-apocalyptic story about hope and survival, set in Europe. About 4500 words. #postApocalypse  

Pan's War

A story about a creature living in a forest outside of society. A story of change and love. #About 7000 words. #WeirdFiction #Supernatural 
Cover image by Michael Marshall Smith

It happened in the Winter Darkness

A haunted house story about a teacher in crisis. About 6400 words. #GhostStory #HauntedHouse #horror

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