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Why Am I Doing This?

About three years ago I played Dark Souls III for the first time and it changed my life. It was an experience I didn't expect at the time and it led me down a corridor I never thought I'd find myself in. One which I'm very grateful for, because after finishing the first boss I decided for myself, more as a joke than anything else, that if I managed to beat the game I'd start streaming on twitch.

Which I did.


I haven't actively stopped streaming, but since November I'm in a bit of a jam and I need to focus my energies on things that are lucrative. That doesn't mean I've stopped streaming, but it's time consuming and requires more energy than you'll ever imagine and so I'm on a twitch hiatus. But because I love games I decided that writing about them is not only fun, but maybe necessary for me. So on this space, I've decided to call The Anxious Gamette, you'll find me discussing the games I'm playing. Reviews? Thoughts? Trips and Tricks?

I call it THE ANXIOUS GAMETTE because I often use games to release anxiety and I often think of ways to play anxiety driven games (the ones that get your hearts pumping, and blood boiling, like Dark Souls III) without spiking your anxiety (it can be tricky, believe me!). That doesn't mean I'll only be discussing anxiety ridden topics. I play a lot of games, some with my kid, some on my own and I'd love to talk about them. So never hesitate to strike up a conversation! I'm all for it.

How Am I Doing This?

How will this work? I'll put new content on this site under the "Anxious Gamette" label. I thought about creating an altogether new site, and I still might do that, but lets start small and built up and not throw ourselves into the full deal right away. But because I can't have two blogs related to this site, and I want this material to be easily accessed by people who don't want to wade through blog posts about my writing adventures I'll keep my gaming related stuff here for now.

I love streaming on twitch and I miss doing it when I don't do it. You can follow me there on - and get notified when I decided to go live next. In the meantime I hope you'll join me here for some gaming discussions. I've been playing games since I first got a Sinclair Spectrum 48k all those years ago and I'll never stop.

I hope you enjoy!

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