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I was planning to write a last post about the journey to Lanzarote, but apart from having the moon as a guiding light on the plane trip home there really isn't much to report. We drove through the forest in the dark and got home to a very cold house. It was still very good to be home.

The darkness and the cold were a bit of a shock after the warmth and the easy living in Lanzarote, but the trip recharged the batteries so now I'm all ready for the darker season. And I have a new plan. It remains to be seen how well a working plan that was made in the canary islands over a lazy glass of white wine works, but so far it's pretty good. And you know ... it's been four days.

Having said that I still haven't pushed out the November issue of THE CHESTNUT. I have however made a special page for it on this site. So you can now find its home and go there to see if there is any news. It doesn't look like much now but hopefully it'll grow and become something it now is not. The issue is almost finished. I suspect that after I finish it it'll take the sites a century or two to get it on the site, but I'd be delighted to send the issue out to those who are eager to read, just let me know.

Hope the world is treating you well,


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