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PLEASE VOTE - Tarot Short Story POLL

A long time ago I announced a project I named Terror Tarot where I was going to write a short story for each tarot card. I only wrote three stories before life became too busy, but now I figure I might do this in a little different way than I figured before.

I am going to have you select an image I’ll write from as prompt. Each story will therefore have a different feel to it. I’ll make a poll (I’m not sure how to best do this, but we’ll start with this here). And you choose which one you’d like to see stories about. We’ll work our way slowly through the tarot deck and we’ll see how long each story will be - I’m sure that’ll depend on the time I have..

I’m starting with The Fool and I’ll choose an image for that one myself. I am using the DREAM app to generate the images, so they are all AI made. I absolutely love this app and can’t wait to see what image you vote for.

For now hover over the images to see a LETTER and comment with the letter of the image you like best! Or like to see story about.

This is about THE MAGICIAN!



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