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Summer Break and Reading

I’ve decided to take a little summer vacation from THE CHESTNUT. I have a lot less time to focus on writing during the summer and I really need to spend the time I do have on the novel and though I am always working on a short story I’d like to relieve myself off the pressure of getting the Zine out.

What this means is that there will be no CHESTNUT in July nor in August.

I will try to have an extra juicy, special edition CHESTNUT ready for September instead.

Making sure I do my best so that you have a good reading summer anyway I will give you a list of a few books I think should be perfect to read during the warmer months (or colder in case you're in that part of the world!). These books will be great company on the beach or on the airplane, or just at home in the yard or on the sofa.

First on the list is the book I just finished yesterday.

It’s THE ANOMALY by Michael Rutger. This is pretty much the perfect thriller to read on the beach. It is quickly paced, has an intriguing plot, a lot of secrets and a great set of characters. The only problem is that you will not be able to put it down so bring a lot of sunscreen! Oh and if you suffer from claustrophobia this book will be even more thrilling, though it might aggravate the “condition” slightly. And they've been comparing the book to Indiana Jones, which is a nice and just comparison - though without the snakes and scorpions - which in my books is a great plus - though beware, there are ... other things to worry about.

CROSS HER HEART by Sarah Pinborough is next on my list. This is a psychological thriller that also suits for slow summer days. This book will get under your skin and you won't be satisfied until you know the secrets it keeps. It's another page turner but bring a beverage, you'll need something to keep you strong through this one.

It wouldn’t be a good thing for me to make a list like this without at least one good short story collection and there are a lot of good ones out there but lately I’ve been dappling into FEARIE TALES STORIES OF THE GRIMM AND GRUESOME edited by Stephen Jones. As the name may indicate it’s a fairy tale inspired short story collection. Each author has created a unique spin on an old fairy tale. It’s a very interesting collection of stories and perfect when you need something shorter to focus on for a while.

If you’re into poetry and need something a bit thought provoking you might want to go for Courtney Peppernell’s PILLOW THOUGHTS. It’s got a wonderful rhythm and will fill you with feelings, some of them a bit sad. I read it soon after my separation and it brought companionship and hope to my heart.

And if you still miss THE CHESTNUT and have read all the issues already you can either go to the site and look for some old stories OR better yet you could read THINGS THE DEVIL WOULDN’T DREAM OF and other stories by yours truly.

I hope you have a wonderful summer. I'm sure I'll tell you something about the books I'll be reading and the things I've been doing but THE CHESTNUT will be on a break until SEPTEMBER. I hope this doesn't cause you unnecessary heartache! Thanks for all the support!

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