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Coffee Colored Emotions (A Poem)

We all see loneliness in the dark,

Fragile flecks on the canvas,

The only source of hope in sight,

Heaven’s veil, the darkness,

Except when it lifts all we see are clouds,

Or the cerulean blue,

The iris of a our god,

The sun the pupil,

Fire god, flaring god,

Falling god,

Fragile god.


Endless flailing nothing.

Just a blue sky, above a delicate planet,

Where 7,5 billion people live,

Feeling lonely,

Staring at the dark sky,

Looking at those glimpses of hope,

Looking at the nights eye,

Little lovely Luna.

I am your kindred spirit.

We all see loneliness in the dark,

Razor sharp edges and coffee colored emotions

Unnoticed, invisible and cold.

We’re all lonely in the dark,

You and me,

Each in our special corner,

Keeping distance,

Keeping distance close,

Imprisoned and soft.

Let me sit in your presence for a while,

Bask in your closeness.

Let me feel the calm emanate from you,

Let me look into your green eyes,

If only for an instant.

I’ll hold the moment in the palm of my hand,

For a second,

For all eternity.

I am all alone in the dark,

Rustled, soft, unspeakable, hopeless and hefty.

It flows through our veins,

The fierceness,

Shows us the depths of this abyss,

Then it let’s us out to run in the sun,

Like children feeling lovely, and lost,

Only then does it draw us back,

To sit here in the dark,

Gazing at the stars,

Howling at the moon.

Silent whispers, lofty wishes,

Our minds hold the entire world,

Together in the dusk,

For just a soft moment.

That lonely, fragile night,

A porcelain bowl,

And we sit at the bottom of it,

Blind to the world around us,

Blind to the cracks in the fabric surrounding us.

I am the broken one,

I am the fallen one,

The light turned bad,

Lucifer turned Satan.

Woman turned mean,

Brown turned blue.

I am alive,

I am you,

You are me.

We are one.

And yet so far apart.

So very far apart.

The cracks in the mirror

Reflect the promises that died.

But I see you in the periphery,

Existing softly,

There is warmth in your voice, in your eyes,

And occasionally the calm of your aura

Shows me new worlds,

New lands,

Gives me new hope,

New dreams.

I might never let it go.

My wounds have scabbed,

The blood is dark.

You are a new.

I am - a new.

—August, 2020



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