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Covid? - Day 0 - 1

Day 0

My father would have celebrated his 84th birthday yesterday had he lived.

In the morning when the kid and I sat ourselves in the car the radio came to live quickly, with strange words:


We looked at each other, suddenly wide awake but both thinking “What exactly did we miss while we slept?”

Another voice, stoically asked:

“What? And we’ll all die? Like the dinosaurs?”

I looked at my daughter, Akira. She looked at me and shook her head, then she shrugged her shoulders and we were on our way.

The radio voice continued to explain that nasa was sending something into space to test something that will take care of meteors that might be on collision course with earth.

Alright. The world wasn’t ending that day hopefully, better get the kid to school.

I drove her to school and went to see if my tire guy had time to change my tires as it is starting to look mighty dark and we’re getting dangerously closed to slippery roads, and maybe we’ll see that damned white thing that settles on the ground from time to time during the coldest months. And so I needed tires and like always he delivered for a fee.

When I got home I worked on a script I’m writing, and I worked on some translations that seemed exceedingly unnecessary and unimportant but may pay a part of a bill down the line, and then it was time to get the kid.

She was coughing.

Not for the first time this season I might add. So, we did a home covid test. Quick.

Two lines.



Here we go, after avoiding it all this time, I thought.

Day 1

The translation needs to be done. Deadline on Monday, but I’ve heard the stories from my neighbours who were all vaccinated when they got covid and it still hit hard. A dentist appointment tomorrow needs to be cancelled. A REAL corona test needs to be made. Can I walk the dog? Do we have food? Good lord, my fridge doesn’t work. (My freezer does thank god!) AND the sink in the kitchen still leaks and is unusable (Thankfully I have two sinks in the kitchen - don’t ask why, because I don't know, but the second one has a spray faucet, takes 5 minutes to fill a glass dammit!)


Breath in. Breath out.

The kid has a fever. Do I keep my distance from her? Do I let this damned bug keep me from hugging my kid who is devastated, not because she has covid, but because she’s missing school again?! This damned bug we’ve been doing everything we can to avoid for SO DAMNED LONG. Is it finally here?

The home tests can be falsely positive.

Headache, cough, fever - but not too bad.

It’s not too bad. Not yet. And we have no results from the test yet. I’ve overdosed so heavily on the YouTube channel IJustWantToBeCool it’s not even funny, but she's happy, and my dog is calmness itself. Sits by my side and just oozes this peacefulness and gentleness that I remember my father brought with him too. Wherever he went.

I miss him. He always brought peace into my heart, said a few words that eased the situation just a bit and told me to take one day at a time.

But thanks to kind people I have a freezer full of food and everything I need. Now I just need the results to tell me that the test showed a false positive.

Or this damned thing to leave my house.

But I have a dog who sits here and oozes calm, and a kid who is better than IJustWantToBeCool at Jump King and way cooler, and right now I have a little time to write a few words about nothing at all, or whatever fills the world, my world.

Take good care of yourself and others out there, and be grateful that the meteor didn't hit us today either.


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