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Deer Existentialist and Killer Clowns

Do you remember that earworm from a couple of years back by a group called Ylvis named WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY?

Ok, so it's been more than a couple of years. Time shrinks with age. We become giants on its shoulders. Just wait. You'll see.

Well, it's a legitimate question, that thing about the fox, and the song tries its best to answer it.

I'm sorry if I just made the song go ow, ow, ow, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding in your head.

This morning has me bleary eyed after an unusually rough night where the wolf-hour haunted me like rarely before with all the bad things that have happened, and that I've done wrong, for the past gazillion years or so. It threw nightmares from hell at me, involving my dog getting lost (the horror, the horror!) and strange killer-clowns (Yeah, what's up with that?!). I knew who the bad guys were (the clown thing was hidden until it wasn't!), but they were constantly changing and they always happened to be the people next to me.

Well, after two hours of that I got up to get the kid to school and then I took the obligatory walk with the dog. This time we opted for a short route around the nearby castle, which you'll know quite well by now if you're following me on instagram. Beside the castle is an area habited by deers.

Do you know what kind of a sound a deer makes?

I didn't either, and I've seen a lot of them in the forest on our daily walks. Deer normally just look at you, cock their heads and then proceed to jump-run away as if they're all competing in an obstacle race, and my dog will usually try to mimic them by jump-running after them. It's quite funny.

Anyway - the castle has its own herd and they are kept well and there they were, enjoying the grass, going about their business when the stag started to make a sound.

Do you know the kind?

At first I mistook it for a normal forest sound. The kind that will spook your pants off if you don't realise that its just two big branches rubbing against its other, trying to get off or something.

But I quickly realised that wasn't the case. It was the stag.

And it wasn't the gracious sound you'd think would come from an animal like this - it sounded like he was really bored and would much rather be a hog.

They may have other sounds in their noisabulary but I've never actually heard them before. Maybe this was a particularly existentialistic buck? A sentient buck that would rather be an apple eating hog than a buck with quite a few doe's in his herd.

And today, I must admit, I understand him whole-heartedly. Rather a happy pig than a dissatisfied... isn't that how the quote goes?

I hope you're having a good Tuesday,



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