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Happy New Year

It is a new year, and a new decade. It came to me only in the last month of 2019 that we were about to pass that line in the sand. I remember sitting on the floor in the living room of my childhood home after having received a writing block and pens for Christmas, and I wrote 1980 on the pages over and over again to such extent that my grandmother asked if I wasn’t wasting the paper. I was very excited for the '80s to arrive.

Of course back then I was merely 7 years old and everything was as it always had been. I had yet to learn the power of change. I had yet to learn most things I now know, but it’s a good reminder. We’re forever that child on the floor, thinking we know it all and rarely, if ever, is that the case.

So what will this decade bring? I wouldn’t know of course. Looking back I’ve gathered that 2019 wasn’t such a bad year for me personally, albeit completely impotent. Or almost completely impotent. I did manage to see Kiefer Sutherland in concert, which was a thing I never expected to do and I like the pleasantly unexpected. I’d wish the pleasantly unexpected was a bigger part of our lives, as opposed to the unpleasantly unexpected, which I’m not too fond of. But then again who is?

I usually spend the New Years thinking about what has been and what is to come. Usually that happens when I'm slightly inebriated and in the company of others, but this time fate had me able to contemplate this in sober solitude, which agreed with me.

And so in the spirit of pushing oneself I’ve opened a Patreon account. I haven’t worked out all the kinks, or decided where everything goes, but it’s there and I will be prioritising it, posting THE CHESTNUT stories there (I haven't decided the entire future of THE CHESTNUT yet). There will be other things to the Patreon account as well. Stories other’s won’t get to see and sneak peaks into the bigger things I’m working on. This will help me to, once more, put greater effort into short fiction, flash fiction, short stories and perhaps poetry, we’ll see.

I am also planing on creating a Short Story Collection out of the stories already published in THE CHESTNUT. I haven’t decided the details around that yet.

I have other projects lined up, but there are two novels that stand together as #1 when it comes to my priorities. One is a horror story, the other one? It’s weird fiction...? A weird tale, with mild horror? It’s a tale about a black cat and a woman who has lost her name.

My Twitch stream will come second, but I will still be streaming video games in the evening whenever I get the chance. I do not think I’ll be able to make a proper schedule any time soon. That is due to many things, but I will do my best in informing when the next stream is scheduled and they will be fairly frequent. The best way to know is to join discord, follow me on twitter or twitch and ask. I always welcome contact.

I also plan on trying to post updates regularly, have some form of a newsletter, perhaps connected to the Patreon account, perhaps to this place - preferably both.

I hope the new year will bring good things for you all. I hope our leaders will regain their sanity where they’ve lost it and I hope the year will bring you joy, fair challenges and good rest.

And may it bring you the best stories!



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