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Today is the official launch date of my new novella IN HIS MIND, HER SHADOW. This book has been quite a journey, and it’s not over yet. I wrote it in a frenzy sometime during an anxiety ridden period in 2015 and pushed it in a drawer, only to pull it out occasionally to take a short peak, or to send it to innocent people who didn’t know what hit them.

Earlier this year, I pulled it out again, gave it a major makeover and here it is.

I’m proud of this book. Theta has been rattling around in my head for a long time, poking me when I’d all but forgotten about him and reminding me that I’m not supposed to let this one go. He’s a complicated character and his story is a dark one!

This is only the beginning.

It’s a book that’s not easily labeled. It’s subtle horror, but maybe more dark fiction. It has its roots in our world, but the world Theta roams around in isn’t anything like the world we know, nor is it like the world he remembers. It’s a love story, a revenge story and a story of one man’s struggle with himself.

The book is currently only available on Amazon. You can get it in a paperback as well as in an eBook format. I will make sure to make it available on other platforms soon.

I also have copies on the way so if you want a signed copy just give me a shout and I’ll be happy to send you one (as soon as I get them!).


Eygló Karlsdóttir
Eygló Karlsdóttir
Jul 02, 2020

Thank you so much! 💛❤️💛


Leonie Smith
Leonie Smith
Jul 01, 2020

Congratulations! I've bought my Kindle copy and given it a Facebook plug! I'm going to start it in daylight, though - I have a feeling it'll unsettle me enough to keep me awake if I start reading it tonight!

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