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Introducing TERROR TAROT


It is a new writing assignment I have conjured up for my PATREONS. This project will be ongoing and it is - as the name might suggest - tarot related.

A while ago I spent 12 days doing one story a day, all related to the zodiac signs. That led to the SEAFOOD & COCKTAILS collection that will come out this fall.

There are however 78 cards in a tarot deck and so I won't be doing one a day.

The rules are as follows:

- 3 short stories a week until we run out of cards

- I will use my Lovecraft inspired deck (see picture below) and pull a card out and write something that's "inspired" by it.

- I will post the story on Patreon the same day that I write the story. You will get it raw.

I've thought about not making this a collection, but a kind of a novel instead. One card is one chapter. I haven't entirely made up my mind about that, because in a way I like the diversity the short stories but I could try to copy what I did with the SEAFOOD & COCKTAIL collection, which is a collection of short stories but they end up being related, telling a story of a certain place.

We'll make up the rules as we go along. I will start next Monday (August 23rd) AND I will be making an exclusive artwork for each story that will only be visible on Patreon. You are very welcome to join me on this journey (My lowest Patreon tier is 2$). I might play a bit with the tiers, make most stories available for all tiers, but then some for the top 2 tiers so they get more for their money.

Join me. Maybe even have a say in how I proceed. If my calculations will be correct this will be a project that will last at least half a year, maybe a bit longer. So we're in this for the long haul. And it will be a lot of fun! I wrote a novel in a month last November, so making something extremely fun out of this will be great.

Maybe we can make up more rules for this? Or remember that rules are made to be broken? Come join me.

The deck on the picture below is Illustrated by Anne Stokes and the writing (there's a book to go with it) is by Donald Tyson. It's a lovely deck produced by Llewellyn but I will be doing some kind of artwork for each of the stories myself. However, I will draw from this card. And keep the piles of drawn, not drawn cards separated.


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