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Every now and then someone asks me if there is anywhere they can “get” my photos. It‘s mostly a hobby, a thing I do to get my creativity flowing. Lately I’ve been looking for a job, and there is nothing that has you procrastinating more severely than that, and that’s when I came across picfair. It’s a site that allows you to sell your photos.

Now they don’t allow for a lot of filters, or decals. That renders some of my photos improper for this site which is good as it means that anything that isn’t strictly mine will get rejected. And that’s great.

So far there are only a handful of photos there. I will add more and if I make some sales I will get the premium offer, get unlimited photos there and upload a LOAD. That means I’ll make sure to upload photos you can use to make book covers, or you can just make prints that you can put on your walls.

Whatever rocks you boat.

The store is - feel free to share the link!


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