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Short Story Heaven!

There are a few things more satisfying for a short story writer than seeing their stories in anthologies. This time I don't have one, but TWO stories appearing in anthologies. One just came out and the other one is available for pre-order. So let me tell you a little bit about these.

First is an anthology that's already out via Stygian Fox. This is a tribute anthology to the prose poem, NYARLATHOTEP written by H. P. Lovecraft which celebrated 100 years in publication last year. My story is called I AM THE LAST and I must say that I had a lot of fun writing this one, bringing the reader from the UK to Iceland. I will say no more, but you can order the anthology here.

The other story is called ON THE SILVER TRAIN, MORIBUND and will be appearing in an anthology by Dandelion Publishing called DARK WORDS. The anthology is dedicated to URBAND LEGENDS and FOLKLORE and so I played around with the nordic Myrling, and an urban legend I've heard from Stockholm about a silvery train. The anthology will be available on the 28th but you can order the eBook version now on amazon. It will be available in paperback as well.


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