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The November issue of THE CHESTNUT is now available

As the November issue of The Chestnut roles out with a new story the nights are getting longer and the evenings start sooner than is comfortable. Somehow it's as if time gets shorter, the days don't seem to be quite enough for all I want to get done. Still, we have a CHESTNUT this month and I am hoping for one more before the year is over. We'll see, but I have thoughts.

I've also thoughts about turning past issues into a collection. I'm not sure if I will wait a while and make a "best of" or if I'll just collect them all into one giant volume. We'll see, but I only just realised that THE CHESTNUT is already two years old and I would have made an anniversary issue had this occurred to me in September, but now it feels a bit late.

The story this month is inspired by this painting by Zdzisław Beksiński. It's a story of a search and of border lands. Who is the man she meets at the end of the corridor? And what are the statues that surround them?

Get the issue here


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