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Zodiac Stories on Patreon

I was chatting last night with author and friend John Urbancik, who is amazingly doing one story every day on his Patreon account this month and I figured that if I felt better today I would start something new.

This morning, after a week of feeling icky, sickly and all that jazz I actually felt better. On top of that I got the results from my corona test back negative and so I figured I had no excuses.

So this morning I was leafing through Grady Hendrix's PAPERBACKS FROM HELL that I bought in London over two years ago (can't believe it's been that long!) and I stumbled (not for the first time) over the covers of Robert Lory's HORRORSCOPE books (excellent idea!) and I figured I would do something with that. I decided on a little Patreon project I'm going to be doing from today, and until it is finished. I am not going to promise one story a day for a month, like Urbancik does. Instead I am going to write 12 stories, one story for each sign in the zodiac, and I will start today. (The first one is already written and is going up very soon!). I am going to be aiming at 1000 words, but knowing me they'll usually be somewhere around the 2000 word mark. Each story is INSPIRED by a zodiac sign (one story for each sign), but apart from that I'm not limiting myself in any way. You will have to read the stories to know what they are.

As a teaser I can tell you that the AQUARIUS story is an ocean story, with a twist.

These stories will be raw. I will write them, read them over once and then publish them on Patreon without any fuzz. I won't create a book format for them (like I do with THE CHESTNUT), nor artwork It's just going to be the story and I'll put it up on Patreon as text.

So more short stories in the near future on my Patreon.


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