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THE LOST SHADOW: visual poem

This week I have a Moving Poem for you.

A while back I was in the forest in the rain running and as I was finished I got this urge to record for a while. The recorded video was good, but as I hadn't actually recorded anything for quite a while I made a rookie mistake and had to go back to do it again. Thankfully it was almost as rainy the day I did and though the recorded video lacked one element of the first one I was able to "direct" it a bit more than I did the first one. I used the "regular" video app in the phone and not FilmicPro like I've done with the previous videos and I'm sure you can tell the difference, though for the sake of this video I thought it worked out alright.

For mother's day, that was two weeks back here in Sweden, I received a microphone from my daughter and so the sound on this should hopefully be a lot better than in previous videos.

This time I am the only contributor along with all the birds who chirped away as I was recording and can be heard throughout.

It's called THE LOST SHADOW. Shadows are curious things. I've been reading a little on the mythology around shadows and the tales and it's quite an interesting subject. I believe Murakami was the one who pointed me towards it originally many moons ago, but it never leaves me for long.

And so here you have it. Another Visual Poem:

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