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Announcements about THE CHESTNUT and about announcements

It's March.

Some part of me wants to write "already" at the end of that sentence and another part of me want's to write "finally!".

Life is strange and I've been busy. In fact I've been so busy editing the novella, that is now in the later stages of being properly finished, that I haven't even been streaming on Twitch. I'm going to get back to that again, but the novella is now "finished" (these things are never finished!) and now there are quite a few practical details to do - like find a NAME FOR IT!

Titles are hard.

I've been making subtle changes, one of those regards THE CHESTNUT. It's still very active on my Patreon account and you can support me there and read the future chestnuts whenever you like - I'm going to make them available for downloads there as well. The Chestnut has now vanished from Amazon. But are still available on iBooks (at least the issues that did get published there).

I am planning on collecting the stories from the past CHESTNUTS in one book. I am not quite sure when I'll do that, nor am I sure what kind of work I'm going to put into it. The stories were published quite raw and many of them do deserve quite a bit of editing - and I guess I'll follow my grandmother's words. She always said that "if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well!" --So that might take a little while to get done, but it's coming in the future.

I'm not quite sure how deleting books on amazon affects buyers who already downloaded the item. If it vanishes from your library and you miss it, feel free to contact me and I'll send you the issues you bought for free. Or you can just look forward to the publishing of THE CHESTNUT - COLLECTED STORIES OF WEIRDNESS AND DREAD. It's a working title. ;)

The NOVELLA I've been slaving on for the past weeks will be properly announced SOON. I am hoping to get it published before it's time to go to StokerCon (I'm looking forward to that and hope the Corona virus doesn't affect that!), so hopefully before April 15th.

So announcement about the upcoming novella SOON!


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