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THE CHESTNUT changes form

It's a windy Sunday and I've just come home from some time away. I drove to Gothenburg where I saw an absolutely epic Sabaton concert. Then I spent some time in the lovely city before driving back home. After a concert experience of a lifetime (and I've seen quite a few, even saw Bowie live back in the days) I have made a decision that has nothing to do with music (obviously).

I'm not going to put THE CHESTNUT up on Amazon or iBooks anymore. Instead you can approach the zine via my Patreon and in the future I'm going to make a collection of chestnuts and put them in one volume, one book, and publish on Amazon and then (or maybe even before) I'm going to take the individual zines down.

THE CHESTNUT will continue to exist, but I will publish it through Patreon only and so if you're still interested in it you can approach it through there. I think this is fair to my patreons and it will declutter my amazon search which is becoming a bit too much.

I'm excited to put the stories in a volume. I'm excited to read them again and decide if they should all be in the volume, or if I should just choose those I like the most. This is going to be a fun project I'm eager to get to though I have no time frame for it yet.

The zine will continue to exist in a .mobi format on Patreon and if you show an interest in other formats I can easily make those available there as well. Just let me know. I think this is going to be a good development for my writing and for THE CHESTNUT.

I thank you for the support through the years (imagine that! The chestnut is over two years old) and if you are still interested in it you know where to find it.

I will continue to inform here when I publish a chestnut and in that spirit it is only fair to mention that I published one a few days ago. The story is called I'VE GROWN ACCUSTOMED TO HER FACE and is a cosmic horror story, a story of loneliness and perhaps a story of strange love (find it here). It was after all Valentine's Day only a few days ago. It is by no means a normal love story though.

And now just because I'm still so excited for the concert I saw on Valentine's Day (there is no better way to spend the day!) I'll leave you with this video. This song is called ANGELS CALLING and is a collaboration between the excellent symphonic metal band Apocalyptica and the boys in Sabaton.

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